Let’s talk about Windows 11 – Food for thought #2

Hello world!

I might have included this before, or made a brief summary however this topic will be a work in progress and I will post much more talking about Windows 11.

As new things come to light or new discoveries are made I will talk about these and more specifically their impact on security and privacy…

Firstly lets talk about the Amazon app store being integrated into windows, now this means to you, as a user that you can run android apps on your computer… Okay cool! However this brings some concerns to me, this presents an additional attack vector into the system or network that wasn’t present before, additionally side-loading exploits might be possible and its important that adequate testing is carried out to ensure there are not any security flaws. Whilst its a given that administrators will be able to use group policy to disable this feature, I fear that apps might be built to run fine on an android device so cool, a user likes this game and wants to play it on their laptop etc. but that the behaviour of the app would somehow be different within the new Windows 11.

This is the first of my concerns and among my studies I try to research it little by little so expect more additions to come, I am aware of a few more issues and will make posts about issues worthy of talking about.