1 Year! – Learning together.

Hello World!

It’s been over a month since my last post, it’s been busy. A constant desire to learn new things is something that can be hard to manage. Without a main goal it can be hard to choose the path you want to take, and this industry is truly endless.

Off the back of CYBERUK. I will be working on the guide to identifying phishing/social engineering tactics. According to the most recent Crime Survey for England and Wales fraud makes up almost 40% of crime reported. Whilst the past two years has indeed seen a decrease in conventional crime and rise in cyber-crime, things like burglaries will rise again as we move out of the pandemic… It is not expected the number of cyber-crimes will see a decline any time soon.

I’ve hit a wall recently… having not done any maths since high school. I’m having to teach myself graph theory, calculus and improve my understanding of things like algebra. My goal? I want to understand the mathematics of signals and systems. The posts might trickle in here, but I have not forgotten about it.

Finally, a section for write-ups of things like TryHackMe and HackTheBox will be coming soon. There are loads on the internet for TryHackMe that hands out answers with no explanation why… Something that doesn’t benefit reader, nor writer. HackTheBox is something I need to use to challenge my skills and plan to document all the things I learn. I particularly want to develop these communication skills, teaching non-technical people technical things. Something I struggle with very much given my neurodiversity.

Thank you everyone for reading what I have to say over this first year, it’s been a tough one for me. This has been a huge outlet for me to speak about what I enjoy, helping me get through some difficult times. I really appreciate you all, even if my posts only get high double digits… It puts a smile on my face.