Gear Review – NetAlly® LinkSprinter 300

Hello World! So, I have had my trusty little pocket tester for almost 3 years now. During that time it has exposed my dodgy crimps more than I would like to admit. It is an invaluable tool to any IT/Networking technician who has to troubleshoot many issues in a short amount of time. Before IContinue reading “Gear Review – NetAlly® LinkSprinter 300”

Planes are pretty cool! – Food for thought #3.

Just a little unstructured rambling today from me, I’m sure someone will enjoy the read… I have begun reading through a 2016 thesis on Security in next-gen Air Traffic communication networks by Martin Strohmeier, it was brought to my attention regarding discussions about a possible use case for software defined radio. This isn’t anything new,Continue reading “Planes are pretty cool! – Food for thought #3.”