Credential marketplace shut down by FBI.

Hello world!

This news isn’t the newest but occurred within the past fortnight, so you may have already heard. Slilpp marketplace was a significant marketplace where mostly illegally obtained credentials (emails, phone numbers, passwords etc etc.) were sold freely for nearly 10 years.

“Authorities from four countries shut down an online marketplace where vendors sold more than 80 million stolen login credentials to buyers, who frequently used them to make unauthorized transactions, including wire transfers.” the U.S. Justice Department said last Thursday. Banking credentials were being sold for just $71-$500, maybe a worrying factor for many but don’t fret.

Your bank and their fraud department work their absolute hardest to ensure that even if someone gets one thing correct, there is usually others that they don’t know. It can be easy to harvest information from places such as social media, so you shouldn’t make security questions something that either, a lot of people know about you or you post on the internet… If this is true for you, there’s no shame in doing so and the victim blaming mentality is something for another day. Change it as soon as you can and spread the word to your loved ones to keep them safe too, but don’t worry, there’s a huge team of people working to protect you from things like this… 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whilst this won’t have a significant effect on the criminal world, as another marketplace will just capitalize on the demise of this one… And then get shut down itself in the future. There have been arrests made in connection with the operation of this market, which is a great outcome as cyber crime can be difficult to prosecute sometimes, mostly if your attackers reside from certain countries who let cybercriminals run free. *insert shady quote about Russian malware*

Remember kids… You need an accurate inventory of your assets before you can think about protecting them.