Crypto waning in an open-source, eco friendly world.

Hello world!

Nothing particularly important to mention today, Google has patched yet another 0-day vulnerability in their Chrome browsers, so updating your browser is an important thing to do. However crypto prices and “hype” will be todays topic, as they are increasingly in decline.

Law enforcement are able to track much of the crypto-currency obtained illegally, due to the fact it runs off what’s known as the blockchain, an example website of this would be, which allows you to to track payments and transfers made over the Ethereum blockchain. This is likely a minor addition to the factors causing the decline, but lots of criminals are finding out that crypto isn’t “untraceable money that doesn’t exist”, certainly diminishing the hype around it.

Secondly the eco-friendly world we live in, Bitcoin mining alone (choosing on what source you pick) undoubtedly uses more electricity than it should. This only makes governments and corporations more likely to crack down on the crypto world in order to preserve their eco-friendly international face.

Nothing more for now, however its probably not long until another company gets phished and hit with ransomware, so stay tuned!