Hello World!

I finally bit the bullet and bought myself two YubiKeys and a cover for each. One for my person and one for a safe place configured as a backup.

What’s a YubiKey?

Wikipedia states: “The YubiKey is a hardware authentication device manufactured by Yubico to protect access to computers, networks, and online services that supports one-time passwords, public-key cryptography, and authentication, and the Universal 2nd Factor and FIDO2 protocols developed by the FIDO Alliance.”

Only a short post today but expect to see a post about my initial thoughts and experiences using the YubiKey. There’s currently some cool Black Friday deals going on and I would advise you take a look if you want to step up your account security with YubiKeys!

Combined with a password manager and multi-factor authentication (where the YubiKey comes in.) This will stop nearly all attempts against your accounts… I have heard of a 99% figure for just 2FA being enabled but don’t have a source at this moment for that figure.