Backup codes!

Hello World! Building on my misconfiguration of security keys, I had to use a backup code for the first time ever today. I cannot stress enough the importance of these codes for your accounts that have multi-factor authentication. Write them down and keep them in a safe place, they could really save your skin. EspeciallyContinue reading “Backup codes!”

Android apps caught stealing Facebook Passwords. Removed from Play store.

Hello World! Google have recently announced they have removed 9 apps which were harvesting users Facebook credentials, estimating it to affect 5.8 million users. The list of apps are as follows – PIP Photo (>5,000,000 installs) Processing Photo (>500,000 installs) Rubbish Cleaner (>100,000 installs) Horoscope Daily (>100,000 installs) Inwell Fitness (>100,000 installs) App Lock KeepContinue reading “Android apps caught stealing Facebook Passwords. Removed from Play store.”